Benefits of Regular Pest Control and Prevention

Pest prevention is always the first line of defense rodents and bugs that may be eying your home. Once these creepy animals invade your business premises or home, they can destroy property, and you will end up incurring substantial repair expenses. If you have seen cockroach debris or tunnels or rodent droppings, the chances are that your property is infested with pests.

Benefits of Regular Pest Control and PreventionSome pests are visible and easy to spot while others such as termites can stay hidden under floorboards or inside your property walls for many years, eating away your property and racking up extermination and repair bills. According to Pointe Pest Control, this is one of the major reasons you should consider regular pest control and preventive measures. Other reasons include;

  1. Bugs and rodents degrade human health

    If you think of the diseases and infections associated with pests are a thing of the past, you are wrong. Common pests such as ticks, mosquitoes, and rodents carry dangerous disease-causing organisms that can easily infect you and your loved ones. There is no way to detect if a pest is carrying diseases until it’s too late – when you are already infected.  Thus, the best way to protect yourself and your family is regular pest control and prevention.

  2. Rodents and other pests cause property damage

    Carpet beetles, termites, silverfish, and carpenter ants are some of the creepy crawlies known to cause damage to nearly every household object and are the most difficult to detect. For instance, silverfish are tiny bugs that tend to live off organic fibers such as photo albums, books or that heap of boxes in your storage area.

    Termite infestation might go unnoticed for many years. By the time you realize that your property has been a host for termites, ridding the infestation might be the least of your concerns. They can cause structural damage, and if not eliminate in time, termites can bring a whole building down.

  3. DIY pest control doesn’t cut it

    Everyone loves DIY projects, especially at home. However, keeping your property pest-free isn’t among these exciting DIY projects. Most over-the-counter pest control products fail to meet the manufacturer’s promises and sometimes, these products put a Band-Aid on the real pest infestation problem.

    Instead of wasting your time and money purchasing pest control products weekly and subjecting your property to ‘bug bombs’ and other infective products, consider working with a pest control professional. The service provider can inspect your home regularly for pest, use the right pest control method to eliminate the bugs, and design a pest control plan to keep your property pest-free

  4. You want a comfortable home

    Rodents and bugs can make everyone under your roof miserable. Think of those sleepless nights caused by bed bug infestation, moths eating your favorite pair of trousers, and waking up to countless cockroaches in your kitchen. If you have had an experience with termite infestation, you know that the small pests are most stressful.

    Regular pest control and prevention is your best solution for

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Common Home Pests and the Right Control Measures

The home is a place for peace and comfort where the whole family stays together giving each other the warmth of happiness and love. However, unlike what we might wish to be true that at all times our home is nothing but pure bliss, there are challenges that we have to face from time to time. One of the common problems all homeowners have to deal with is pest invasion which tends to occur at the least expected moments and is a real headache to deal with effectively. Some of the popular pests that are  known to cause sleepless nights for many families are bedbugs, moths, and flies. In the midst of all the confusion and irritation, if having to deal with these creepy creatures, there is a ray of hope from local pest control experts who can restore sanity in any home.While the home is a potential living ground for any insect, rodent, or animals the most common invaders are;

  1. Ants

Common Home Pests and the Right Control Measures

These insects are ever present in virtually every field and neighborhood making them an ever-present potential unwanted guest in your home. Ants move in colonies in search of food and water which is the main reason they will find great pleasure being within your home. It is for this reason they are common in kitchens which is where we do most of the cooking and store food which is their primary attraction.

  1. Termites

Common Home Pests and the Right Control Measures

All homes have some kind of structure made of wood, and this is the one thing that termites can never have enough of making them a significant threat for homeowners. You never take any chances with termites as they can gnaw their way through piles of wood in no time. The damages they can cause to buildings is as such enormous and one that you cannot ignore given the high costs of making repairs and replacements.

  1. Cockroaches

Common Home Pests and the Right Control Measures

This species of insects is a real bother which you will find in any space as they are known to feed on anything and survive in all conditions. There are a lot of things in your house that attract pests especially cockroaches which love places that have warmth and food sources. If anything your home is ever full of spaces where the insects will gladly live as they get out from time to time looking for a good meal from leftovers, spilled food, and garbage.

  1. Rats and mice

Common Home Pests and the Right Control Measures

These two rodents have almost similar characteristics and once they find their way to your home it is only a matter of time before they have damaged everything in their way. The irritating squeaks and scratching noises will drive you crazy not to mention that they will chew right through your seats, clothes, wire cables, and stored documents among other items.

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