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On our second journey to Orlando, we drove from Naperville, Illinois. The year before we flew on United Airways and this year we flew on Southwest. This page depicts our driving journey, some things we noticed alongside the way in which, somes tools we used to get from Naperville to Orlando, and my usual ramblings along the way in which.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we are animal individuals. Being animal individuals, Sea World might be our favourite place to go to in Orlando, Florida. Between the exhibits and the rides, what an excellent experience. We had dinner with Shamoo one night, which is a good dinner present without leaving the park. I believe the kids preferred Islands of Journey, whereas I preferred Universal Studios. So, I guess, I couldn’t pick one.

My daughter loved this guide and said it’s a should read earlier than visiting any of the Disney World parks in Orlando, Floriday. We vacationed in Orlando, FL last year and determined we wished to vacation there once more the next 12 months. Casimir Pulaski was a Common in the American Revolutionary Battle. Fort Pulaski was built by the Accomplice Military prior to the Civil Warfare. HubPages … Read More

Considering the Last Gifts, We Can Impart to Those We Love the Most

Family is an important concept. One might even argue that it’s the single most important concept in one’s entire life. When we first step out into the world, we define family in somewhat vague terms.

We obviously have an idea of the family environment in which we were raised. But we don’t really know what form our family structure will take when we set out on our own. The future looms large and wondrous in front of us in our youth. We don’t know who we’ll fall in love with. We don’t know where we’ll choose to move with them. Nor can we really know what lives we’ll bring into the world with that special someone. It’s a lot of questions for someone just starting out. But every time we fill in a blank, we feel that much more complete.

When we finally have a family of our own it can feel like we’ve won at life. We want to give them everything and protect them from any danger the world has to offer. But that’s also the moment when most of us need to stop and really consider our place in life. It’s natural to feel like that’s the … Read More

Planning for the Future Often Means Expecting the Unexpected

Anyone who has a family will know how important it is to plan for the future. We plan when we’re first starting to build a relationship with that special someone. There are plans for dates, plans for bringing them into our lives and finally the plans for the big day. The plans for marriage turn into plans for children. And parents who are especially careful will also begin to plan for their children’s future.

All of these plans have one thing in common. The plans all focus on events that we’re looking forward to. Even the more expensive moments like paying for a child’s higher education are still colored by joy. However, deep down we all know that there’s more to life than the happy moments.

We usually try to consider the worst-case scenarios as well. For example, none of us would really consider forgoing insurance. But even in those cases we’re planning on good luck within the bad. We plan for accidents even while assuming we’ll survive them. But one of the unfortunate facts of life is that we can never escape death. And if we don’t plan for the end of our own lives than that burden falls … Read More