A Glorious Evening In The Presence Of The Lord

Did you have the opportunity to catch the holy event that happened this year and watch all the glory of God from Pastor Chris? If not here is a brief of the glorious event.

In the beginning of the evening, there was a song that was dedicated to the Lord called “So we lift up our hands to praise your name”. This song really set the mood for the rest of the event.

After the song ended, the evening would begin by uplifting the year of 2018 and closing the year 2017 with positivity and praise. Revenant Dr. Chris Oyakhilome entered by saying “Come on give the Lord a shout! Glory, Hallelujah praise the Lord! Glory to God!

The crowd lifted with joy to greet the man of God, Pastor Chris, and after several moments the crowd finally settled down and sat in their seats to listen to his amazing words of endearment during this glorious event.

While speaking to the individuals in the crowd, he explained to them of how flourishing the year had been, how the ministry was filled with luxurious growth and significant attainments. He continued to express how awesome it has been because the book Rhapsody of Realities sold over 1.3 billion copies in a variety of 900 different languages. This is obviously an amazing achievement for any Ministry. Not just for the church itself, but also for the word of God. This book was a tool that allowed them to spread the word of Christ.

Not only did they speak about the book but they also talked about the impact of Loveworld and how it had taken over networks, radio shows, TV shows and the internet.

This ministry has had the opportunity to touch so many lives. Lives of mothers, fathers and even children. They currently have a project by the name of Inner City Mission. This specific project brings hope and healing to thousands in need through a Healing School. The individuals that work there are ministers who have been trained through the International School of Ministry.

This year has been an amazing and glorious year filled with accomplishments. This event was filled with Glory and gave a feeling of endearment to all the participants that watched from their TV’s, computers, and other electronic devices.

For someone who was just sitting on their couch or using a mobile device to watch the event would be amazed at the number of people that gathered in one place to hear the word of God. Shortly after, the anthem of Believers Loveworld Incorporation was sung beautifully.

The next portion of the event was packed with excitement because it involved handing out the Future African Leaders award that honored young leaders who made positive changes within their community. Naomi Aliyu was this year’s Prize winner. She was so overwhelmed with excitement that she fell to her knees in gratitude.

The evening ended with Dr. Chris Oyakhilome himself bearing witness to the Lord and giving thanks. This night was a night to remember by acknowledging the wonders of 2017 and it’s uplifting moments.