Activities You Can Start Doing With Your Children

Several families worldwide have had to remain in quarantine since 18 March 2020. As a result of these unprecedented acts which interfere with our everyday lives and habits, life at home, working time, and children cannot be easily combined. It is crucial that parents are often scared, worrying about how they will hold their children while they stay at home during this long period.

Here is a range of activities so that you can have fun and even encourage parents to have a break to fill up with great entertainment ideas.

  1. Lullabies & stories

It would be great if you took a break during your stay at home. There are designed fun nursery rhymes and coloring drawings that can be enjoyed together with your children. They also enjoy following Luca and Milla’s adventures while coloring freely to enrich their creativity and vocabulary and encourage their global curiosity.

  1. Games board

When it comes to bringing the entire family together, whatever the ages, nothing can substitute for a good board game. The list of great board games is so long! Monopoly, Taboo, chess, or even Yellow Dwarf!

Think of little games like Hangman, petit bac, tic-tac-toe (backpack and crosses), naval combat, etc., if you only have a piece of paper and a pencil in your lap. Thousands of board games give you the chance to spend great moments with your family, but also to let us learn without realizing it.

  1. Home-done scientific experiences

As a child, who among us was shocked when the vinegar and Bicarbonate erupted in a small volcano? It is entirely possible to expose children to the beauties of chemistry with the aid of basic ingredients and materials.

Although Youtube is full of fun videos, several specialized sites, such as this, exist. The business, MEL Chemistry, also has made science learning and sharing its principle. It will supply you with experimental kits for your home.

  1. Sport activities

Children ought to keep on steaming and exercising themselves to the full to prevent the sedentary lifestyle. It is also a chance for family sports and to benefit from their many advantages: it fosters sleep, concentrates, and makes yourself excellent. For this reason, you should practice your body weight along with dance, yoga, animal gym, or mini-circuits.

  1. Treasure hunt & obstacle course

Treasure hunting is a great recreational and outdoor sport, enjoying your kids and exciting them. You must build hints and put a “treasure” in the final place (in the form of a toy, a small present, or clothing). A course of obstacles like an obstruction race can also be improvised. Gardening tips for kids can also be included. An enjoyable way for children to learn, and that needs minimal means. You can do this with what you have: strings, boards, seals, articles for hoops, seats, boxes, etc. You don’t have to buy specific equipment.

  1. e-learning & culture

It is also time to inspire your kids to deepen their awareness during these long weeks. They already have homework to do, of course, but some studying can easily complement the school. Using 15 to 30 minutes a day to try, for example, to teach or help learn a language.