Baby boy clothes, what to pack for maternity?

Around one fifth of births occur in the two weeks prior to the due date. Several weeks ahead of term is therefore a good time to pack your maternity bag. With hormones playing with your nerves at this stage, here is a list you can rely on.

Babygrows (times three)

You’ll find it hard not getting emotional as your baby boy gets the first ever piece of clothing on his back. A 100{e874c5e5d4948f1866a5f8963bf1536d39e61ce7cb098829d222bb073c6d125f} cotton bodysuit will be kind to his skin. Prefer long-sleeved babygrows, as babies lose heat quickly.

Six items should suffice. If you have to stay a few extra days and more are needed, your nearest and dearest can go for more later. Believe us, too many clothes spoil the maternity bag. The more you pack, the less you’ll use. Because let’s face it, you won’t have the time to rummage through your stuff. Make it handy and remember: less is more!

Sleepsuits (times two)

Two pyjamas will be plenty. Make sure the poppers run down the front and between the legs. A nappy change is a big deal for a tiny newborn. Turning him from back to front in the process can cause distress. As well as choosing beautiful and comfy baby boy clothes, you are also responsible for seamless logistics! A hassle-free sleepsuit will help your little one nod off to sleep gently.

Hats (times two)

Again, keeping baby warm is paramount. And the head is the body part where heat escapes from quickest. That’s why a couple of baby hats is a must. Natural fabrics like cotton can’t be beaten. A good finish to avoid scratchy parts is essential, too.

Pick one hat slightly larger than the other. After all, your baby has grown since your last scan. Planning is the word. It’ll be second nature to you soon!

Scratch mitts (two pairs)

Yet unable to control his movements, baby may hurt his face with his nails. Have a few pairs of scratch mitts at the ready to protect his young skin. This look has the added benefit of being super cute! Did we say it can be matched with a bear-ears cardigan?

Tights or leggings & socks (two of each)

Have you planned a photoshoot for maternity already? If not, a photographer may pop in to offer one. Time for baby to change from the sleepsuit to daytime wear. Little leggings or tights with matching socks will come in handy. You can complete the look with a dress or shirt, although these aren’t really a necessity you may say.

Wooly tights however will help keep baby warm during the trip back home. So in they go!

Coat (one)

Home time people! Baby is eager to discover his cosy nest. If the journey home happens to be in the winter months, be prepared with a lofty pramsuit. Baby will have lots more layers on underneath as well. Preparation is key.

Cardigans (one or two)

Talking of layers, here is one of the essentials. One or two cardigans won’t go amiss no matter what time of year baby arrives. If you need to go out of your ward to meet relatives in a waiting room, baby will need the comfort and warmth of a good old cardigan.

Last but not least

No hospital bag is complete without a baby bath sheet ready to envelop his little limbs after his first bath. Go for natural fabrics only and watch out for the Oeko Tex label.

Whether you decide to breastfeed or bottle-feed, get ready for spillages with a couple of muslins. And tons more at home!

Bibs will be needed too. Take two in your maternity case for good measure. Before you think you’re going to have to sit on your case in order to get it to close… there is always room for a little soft blanket or pet toy. Baby will love gazing at it and it will be an excellent prop for making lifelong memories. You’ve got it all ahead of you to enjoy. Pack your case with love, and all will be well.