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On our second trip to Orlando, we drove from Naperville, Illinois. The 12 months before we flew on United Airways and this 12 months we flew on Southwest. This page depicts our driving journey, some things we noticed alongside the best way, somes instruments we used to get from Naperville to Orlando, and my normal ramblings along the best way.

The next day, we’re off to the Elijah Mountain Gem Mine near Asheville, North Carolina. When you’ve by no means been Gem Mining, here is the idea, you get a bucket of filth and using water, you wash all the filth off and what is left ought to be, rocks and gems and things. You by no means know what your going to get and generally you get nothing. So, in case you don’t wish to get nothing, you then go to Elijah’s, where they have premade buckets with gems already in them. Additionally they have buckets with Indian Artifacts and Fossils. Not likely prospecting here, but the youngsters have plenty of fun as the sand sifts away and so they see multi-coloured gemstones. This stop was just a few miles off of the expressway into Asheville. Different gem mines are off the crushed path a ways, so it is determined by how much time it’s a must to get to your next vacation spot.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re animal individuals. Being animal individuals, Sea World is probably our favorite place to visit in Orlando, Florida. Between the reveals and the rides, what an incredible experience. We had dinner with Shamoo one evening, which is a superb dinner present with out leaving the park. I think the youngsters preferred Islands of Adventure, whereas I preferred Universal Studios. So, I assume, I could not decide one.

One question you must reply as a household is how lengthy do you want to drive per day, and it’s a family query. Our family can handle 5-8 hours of driving per day. On an 18 hour trip to Orlando, that means two stops. The question is where do you stop and when. Once we stop, we try to cease somewhere we know we’ll do one thing the subsequent morning before driving once more. We do like to SEE AMERICA!

We love caves. This year on the way in which home from Orlanda, Florida we stopped in Chattanooga, Tennessee at Ruby Falls. Ruby Falls is a waterfall that’s below the mountain. The only method to get to it is by taking an elevator 200 ft under the earth and walking about 2/5 of a mile to the water fall. In fact, that is all a part of a tour that takes you there.