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Choosing the Best Auto Collision Repair Shop

Car accidents is one of the most common accidents we hear about almost every day. In every single day, there are millions of car drivers passing each other on the road. The reason for the many car crashes you hear about each day is due to distracted drivers who are calling on the phone, testing, falling asleep, bad weather and other factors that make car crashes inevitable. Now all car accidents, though, are major and there are many relatively minors ones that has fewer injuries and damages.

However, even minor accidents can cause serious damage to the interior and exterior of your car. The parts of the car that are most susceptible to damage are the doors and fenders. When there is damage in your car, major or minor, auto collision repair is something that is necessary to do.

Normally, it is the insurance company that is responsible to get your car repaired and pay for the damage. There are things you need to consider after having met an accident and before hiring an auto collision repair. These considerations will guide you and help you ensure that your car is dealt with properly and repaired properly.
Doing Repairs The Right Way

Usually, an insurance company will recommend auto collision shops that they work with. It is the car owner’s option to choose the repair shop that will fix his car. There are many reputable auto repair shops that perform high quality services that are recommended by insurance companies. There are a few bag eggs though, just like other businesses. Before you agree to get your car fixed from an auto shop recommended by an insurance company, you should conduct an extensive research on the internet. In order to make an informed decision, it is best to read reviews and testimonials about the company online.
A Brief Rundown of Repairs

One thing you should inquire from the shop is about the various replacement parts that they use. There are a lot of body shops that use new original parts. Some companies use aftermarket or used parts. Used parts that are made by the same manufacturer can perform well in your car, but aftermarket parts are just cheap imitations. Aftermarket parts are inferior in quality and you car can experience problems. These parts can rattle, corrode, and diminish the overall value of your car.

Another important consideration is the paint match. It is quite difficult to match your car to a newly painted panel. Sometimes, there may even be an obvious difference in the color or shade.

When you pick up your car from the shop check the painting and ask which one is the newly painted part. Try to check if there is a difference in color by standing about ten feet away from your car. A difference in color means extra paint work.