Summer Holiday Checklist: Travelling With A Baby

Going on a summer holiday with your family is always an amazing experience. It provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy some relaxing downtime and make special memories.

However, before you get to your summer holiday destination, you must first tackle the daunting task of travelling with a baby.

Every baby is different. Most babies are not phased by travelling and some tend to sleep through most of it. Others are very much aware of the unfamiliarity’s going on around them. You can make your travelling experience and the whole holiday a little easier by being prepared.

The Holiday Necessities For Travelling With A Baby

Unfortunately, there isn’t much chance of packing light when you’re travelling with a baby or toddler. They have a lot of essentials to keep them happy and comfortable whilst on holiday.

Food And Drink

For breastfeeding mums, make sure to pack a shawl or blanket for privacy when breastfeeding in public. Plus, don’t forget to pack the breast pump, bottles and sterilising equipment if you express.

Alternatively, if your baby drinks formula, make up enough bottles for the journey, whether you’re driving or taking a train or plane. Liquid restrictions don’t apply to baby formula with most airlines, although it is always best to check before you fly.

If you’re unsure about whether you’ll be able to buy the same formula at your holiday destination, be sure to pack enough for the whole trip.

Clothing And Nappies

If you’re going on a summer holiday, chances are you’re going to a warm and sunny destination. Lucky you! Your baby will need cool clothing, including lightweight sleepsuits, vests and short-sleeved baby grows made from breathable fabrics,

You will also need to pack sun hats, warmer sleepsuits (in case temperatures drop in the evening) and lightweight blankets. Plus, don’t forget bibs, nappies, wipes and nappy rash cream. Again, if you’re worried about buying nappies at your holiday destination, pack enough for the whole trip.

It’s also a good idea to pack your baby’s usual bath products, including their baby soap, sponge and any creams you may use.

Holiday Essentials

If you’re heading to a hot destination, you’re going to need plenty of sunscreen. Ensure you pack a high-factor sunscreen that’s suitable for your baby. Also, always pack a small first-aid kit.

You will also need swimming nappies and a baby swimsuit. You may prefer a wetsuit as these keep the sun off your baby’s skin. Also, a baby pool float is sure to come in handy.

Baby Accessories

If you’re travelling via car or train, you’re going to need the car seat. If not, a baby sling is great for travelling. It’s easy to pack and enables you to get around easily with your little one in tow.

When travelling with a baby, you should always take a stroller with you. Babies like to sleep often and having a stroller to hand gives them a comfortable place to sleep. When going on holiday, you want a stroller that’s lightweight and compact, can be easily stored and is ideal for all-terrains.

Tips For Travelling With A Baby

  • If you’re travelling on a long-haul flight, request one of the bassinets. It is not guaranteed, but it will make life so much easier if you get one.
  • Dress your baby in layers for the journey. And always pack a blanket. This way you can take layers off in they get too warm or wrap them up if they’re cool.
  • A foldaway changing mat will come in handy when changing your baby in public. Plus, it’s always a good idea to pack hand sanitiser.
  • Take plenty of food and snacks for the journey. The last thing you want is a long delay and a hungry baby.
  • Try to stick to the essentials when packing. Overpacking can make your journey far more challenging than it needs to be.
  • Don’t worry too much about your baby’s routine. Your baby’s sleep pattern may be a little out of sync and the heat may mean your baby sleeps more during the day.
  • Most airlines allow families with children to board first – take advantage of this! It gives you the opportunity to get yourself and your baby settled and comfortable on board before other passengers start piling on.