Drive to enjoy Champagne Pool

Champagne Pool is a Swimming Pool or geothermal pools contained in Waiotapu, North Island, New Zealand. The pool is part of Waiotapu geothermal area located about 30 kilometers from Rotorua and 50 kilometers from Taupo. Hot tubs have emerged from the abundant bursts of carbon dioxide, such as foam contained in a bottle of champagne.
Based on records, the pool was formed about 900 years ago because of a hydrothermal eruption. It is estimated, there are about 50,000 cubic meters of geothermal fluid at this pool. Striking colors emerge from mineral deposits and silicate. Mercury, thallium, gold, and silver are also in the content of the rocks there at the poolside. Indeed, the two are not different. However, this pool has a different appeal for a mix of substances and chemical reactions that occur to him creating a color feast for the eyes. Moreover, the phenomenon of carbon dioxide bubbles that appear on the surface of the pond will also provide an unforgettable experience.
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