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Nothing is guaranteed. Dad has told you that all your life; you’ve adopted this notion from a young age, and it seems like you have done your best to appreciate the good things you have in life. You sit in the waiting room at a local hospital in Denver and reflect on your life. It’s easy during a calm time to have thoughts that make sense. Maybe you could have done things a bit different, but your mistakes were simply unexpected happenings that forced you into gaining a better perspective of what truly matters in life. You aren’t focused on the bad times now, but the good times you had with Dad. Going to the Broncos game when Elway couldn’t seem to be stopped, seeing countless shows at Red Rocks, appreciating the wonderful scenic wonders offered by nature in Colorado–the list of positive experiences with Dad seem to go on and on. It appears he is about to take another journey, one that all living things must take.


It’s difficult to lose a loved one. This unfortunate part of life deserves dignity. You can start an online search for any cremation denver co business in your area. There are … Read More