Tips for forming a prosperous and happy family

No man who does not miss the happiness and serenity of life in his family, on the contrary no one will not be miserable if there is no peace and happiness in his household, because the closest relationship is established in the family, most often even continuously. Family is a community formed through marriage between men and women based on love and affection. The family is the smallest unit of the country until it can be said that the family is a country or small kingdom. Families who live in peace and security are the dreams of every insane. But in the everyday life of many families who cannot feel it.

Is it due to lack of material? No, because there are many wealthy families who are always cowered and even accompanied by violence (for example, the story of Manohara and a member of the kingdom in Malaysia), to households formed through festive parties, laughter from relatives and friends who turn into a battlefield, and others, because they were ashamed of just pressing their heart, causing a cold war between husband and wife, on the contrary, many families did not have enough, but they lived in harmony and peace, as much as a single person, as much as a semudik in their family life.

Then the question arises: Can the happiness and tranquility of life in the family be created? One of them applies 2 things to create a Happy Family, as follows:

Understand each other

A fact that is usually not realized by husband and wife is that they meet after adulthood or at the earliest after adolescents. What was experienced by his partner in childhood was not a concern even sometimes not known at all.

Every husband or wife thinks that through courtship they really know the nature of a husband or wife. So often a husband says he is talkative, spoiled, unruly or a wife says her husband is quiet, selfish, selfish. Just that is not enough, so let a) understand his personal background and b) get to know yourself.

Can be said to understand each other that means to understand about everything about life and experience that is passed, the atmosphere in which we (husband and wife) are raised with all the features and disadvantages. With the existence of mutual understanding can be laid the basis of peace in the family otherwise misunderstanding can be avoided.

Receiving each other

In family life after we know ourselves personally and ourselves husband / wife, whether it is an advantage or a disadvantage, then accept it with all willingness. If we think there are things that are not good and need to be improved, try wisely so that he realizes and understands his attitude until he wants to improve his bad character on his own consciousness.

Accept the husband / wife as is, accept the hobby and pleasure and accept his family like facing his own family. If this has been implemented properly it will undoubtedly have a family that is safe and secure. The acceptance or not will be avoided by facial expressions and speech. Therefore, this feeling cannot be hidden and will soon be known by the husband / wife. The disgust that is hidden can cause various tensions in the family, small things can become big or can change into a mental disorder for those who are depressed. Parents who are mentally depressed or whose feelings will result in educating children to experience shaking and will endanger the child’s personal growth.

Mutual respect

In a household where mutual respect does not exist or is not developed properly, the atmosphere of the household will become tense and unpleasant and will cause unwarranted arguments, because everyone needs appreciation and will feel stressed if he feels unappreciated, especially- more by the person closest to him – husband / wife

What exactly is the award? In general, people think that award must be pronounced with words or formal actions in the form of giving something. According to this proposition praising / praise is regarded as appreciation and reproach as proof of the absence of appreciation and it is recognized that formal words and actions are the most tangible tools to express feelings stored in the heart.